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spain, england

We deliver your package as if it were our own.

Many of us will have family or friends that have either moved or are thinking of moving to Spain, and why not! It's warm, and a great relaxed way of life. Problems come however when choosing a courier that's reliable and will look after your parcel as if it were their own.

Pacmor offer a service with peace of mind.
Packages that don't use pacmor and enter the standard mail system, enter a process with millions of other packages, like most things, increased numbers means increased risk. In this industry that risk could mean, your package being delayed, lost, damaged or even stolen. At Pacmor your package will go on a journey in 1 van and 1 very careful man (with a lifetime of commercial driving experience)... Phil to you and I, he's a very nice man!!

Not always the cheapest, but definatley one of the best value for money services on the net!

After all not all packages can brag they've got their own chaperone!

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M: +0034 662 585 061
T: +0034 950 930 671